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We are Certified Idaho Accountants who specialize in Business Setups.

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We handle 100% of your Business Filings, License & Registration.

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We are an Accounting Cooperative and provide upfront prices.

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Starting an Idaho-based Business Checklist

If you are getting started and not sure where to begin, review the list of everyday things that new Idaho businesses need.  Idaho Home-based Businesses A home occupation may require a special use permit from the Planning and Zoning Commission.  State and Federal...

Starting an Idaho Contracting Business

Idaho’s construction industry was the number one fastest-growth industry in Idaho in recent years. This is due to an increase in housing demand, lending activity, and real estate values from people moving in from nearby states. Idaho’s commercial construction market...

Top Ten list of Tax Deductions for 1099

1.   Car expenses and mileage Of all deductions available to contractors, distance, and car expenses can provide one of the most sizable write-offs. You’re able to write off any driving while working, driving between gigs, going to meet clients, or driving out of town...