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What is an Idaho QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

An Idaho QuickBooks ProAdvisor (QBPA) is a bookkeeper, accountant or CPA who has passed one or more exams administered by Intuit,a software creator, to show that they are proficient in one or more QuickBooks products. The advisor must pass the certification exam every year to maintain their status as a QBPA. This requirement ensures you are working with an expert who is up on the latest developments in the software and values continuing education to keep their skills sharp.

Why do I need an Idaho QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

Idaho QBPA’s are well-versed in an array of accounting and bookkeeping services. They can handle invoicing customers, paying bills, and reconciling your accounts. They act as an outsourced accounting department for your small business.

These Idaho professionals can also be onsite to help you with QuickBooks setup and customize the software to your Idaho business and specific industry. Once this is set up, the certified Idaho QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor can continue to act as a consultant and help troubleshoot and answer any technical questions that may arise.

If the advisor is also an Idaho CPA, they will be able to offer tax returns and monthly/quarterly book preparation as well. This is a valuable asset for tax planning and ensuring compliance with all IRS code.

If this impressive list isn’t enough to convince you, Idaho QBPA’s also getting discounts on all Idaho QuickBooks products they can extend to their clients. They are also the first to be notified of all new product alerts and updates, and they have access to a dedicated customer service team who can help you set up your accounting and bookkeeping system that is perfect for your Idaho business model.

What Software will I Need?

QuickBooks Online (QBO) is an extremely affordable program that comes with many valuable benefits. It is a U.S. product, so unlike its competitors that are programmed in a different country, its processes and flow are much more comfortable for a business owner to understand. Because of its popularity, the volume of user feedback enables Intuit to quickly improve any “bugs” and roll out improvements rapidly. Another advantage of QBO over the desktop version is the convenience of being able to access your data on a Mac, PC, tablet, or phone. Using the QBO app, you can quickly send an invoice to a customer or run payroll, all while being untethered to your desk. This means more time for building connections, generating leads, and growing your customer base. And because QBO has an open interface, third party programmers are free to develop apps that interface seamlessly with QuickBooks, making almost any accounting or payroll task automated. If this sounds too good to be true, you can try QuickBooks online free for 30 days and experience the benefits for yourself.